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Affordable Pricing: Our consultations start at $35 for urgent care, primary care or medication refill visits. Compared to your insurance copay or less as there is no need to travel to a doctor office or urgent care center. 

Decade-Strong Expertise: Trust in our seasoned board certified physicians, boasting over 10 years of hands-on practice. 

Text Messaging  Advantages: Access to our physicians through convenient text messaging for quick urgent care, primary care consultations or medication refills with no need to schedule an appointment or find a quiet place for a video call. 

Consistent Care with the Same Doctor: Relish the comfort of consulting the same doctor every visit, fostering a bond unlike any other. Say goodbye to the impersonal, fleeting interactions typical of other telemedicine platforms.

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weight loss

Featured Service: Weight Loss Treatment

Optimize your weight loss journey with easy-to-access telemedicine consultations. Get GLP-1 Medications, budget-friendly treatment plans right at your fingertips, making your path to a healthier lifestyle both convenient and economical. Begin your transformation journey now!