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  • Telemedicine consultations with US- based board certified physicians
  • Experienced physicians with over 10 years in practice
  • Transparent pricing and flat fee
  • We treat over 80 medical conditions
  • You can talk to the same doctor each time you come back and form a relationship, instead of the one-and-done experience with other telemedicine companies.

Healthcare has never been so easy to access and affordable as it is now!


• Urgent Care

• Primary Care

• Medication Refills

• Laboratory Test Orders

• COVID -1 9 Long Haul Management

• Functional Medicine

We offer a wide variety of medical services and always expanding our list.

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Long Haul COVID-19 Treatment

For those less severe COVID patients – the long-haulers – it is becoming clear that they may develop symptoms as a result of the SARs-CoV-2 infection. They have persistent myriad chronic symptoms that may continue for weeks and months after the patient has been declared virus-free.

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